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What is Bohemian glass from Aleks-Crystal: its benefits

10.03.2021 08:53

The beauty and practicality of Bohemian glass are properties that have become known many years ago. Czech crystal is widely used to create tableware and other products.

Today anyone can buy dishes on the aleks-crystal.com/en or in a store by choosing products from Bohemian glass. They will not lose their properties over time, and their value even increases over the years, so such an acquisition can be considered a good investment.

Bohemian glass benefits

Bohemian glass products have a number of positive characteristics. Let's note the main ones:

  1. Transparency and delicate clinking of dishes.
  2. Made of Bohemian glass, the products perfectly complement both modern and classic interiors.
  3. Fans of Bohemian glass can purchase not only tableware, but also various lamps, vases, decorative ornaments and other products.
  4. A wide range of colors and design options for Bohemian glass products can satisfy any aesthetic needs.

Bohemian glass is not a cheap material, but it is with its help that you can emphasize the sophistication of the interior and the status of the residents. It is not for nothing that Czech crystal products are an invariable attribute of luxury hotels, restaurants and other elite establishments. Also, this glass is in great demand among collectors.

What happens and where is it applied

There are two types of Bohemian glass - colorless and tinted. For the manufacture of the latter, an overhead technique is used, where crystal acts as a base, and a colored side as a coating. Bonding of layers is achieved using high temperatures, and obtaining the desired color - by adding other substances, for example, manganese, copper oxide, tenorite, etc. Products can be decorated with inserts of silver and gold, precious stones, painting.

Bohemian glass is used not only for making tableware. Beautiful figurines, vases, lamps, chandeliers, and various decorations are made from this material. The interiors of premises and streets are decorated with crystal, but the second option is much less common due to the high cost of Bohemian glass. Another area of ​​application of Bohemian glass is in the production of jewelry. This material is suitable for creating jewelry, Swarovski crystals, and after appropriate cutting it is difficult to distinguish it from a natural diamond.

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