Бразилия известна во всем мире как страна футбола и самбы, сказочно-красивого города Рио-де-Жанейро и непроходимых джунглей, и конечно, самых зрелищных карнавалов ... Далее

Доминиканская республика – экзотический край, великолепный образец латиноамериканской культуры с её особым жизненным укладом и древней историей ... Далее

США - огромная страна, состоящая из 50 штатов, каждый из которых - это целый мир со своей культурой и своими уникальными достопримечательностями ... Далее

Канада – одна из самых захватывающих и красивых стран в мире, предназначенная для путешествия ... Далее

Багамы - это не только чистые морские воды и заманчивые волны, но и бесконечные пляжи, подводные туннели, неописуемой красоты коралловые рифы и затонувшие останки кораблей ... Далее
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The most interesting locations of the Kronstadt tour: what to see

06.09.2023 21:08

altA trip to the northern capital can be varied by visiting Kronstadt. This city is an outpost of St. Petersburg, was created to protect the sea approaches to it.

Therefore, anyone interested in naval topics is offered a private tour of Kronstadt.

Main objects to visit and review

When determining the route and attractions that are worth seeing, pay attention to the following objects:

  1. St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral. Its prototype was the Church of St. Sophia in Constantinople. It was laid for services with the participation of naval crews, and as a monument to the fallen sailors. Now it is a functioning temple, entrance there is free. You need to pay for an organized tour.
  2. Anchor Square is an integral part of the architectural ensemble together with the cathedral. There are monuments to naval commanders Ushakov and Makarov. The eternal flame was lit in memory of the sailors who participated in the revolution and the Civil War. This is the first such memorial of this type in the country.
  3. For recreation, it is proposed to visit the Summer Garden of the city. It was laid at the same time as the fortress, the house of Emperor Peter the Great himself once stood here. The park conveys the features of landscape design of that time, which preserved its features almost unchanged.
  4. Petrovskaya Marina is located next to the Summer Garden. It is here that the ships of the Baltic Fleet are moored, naval parades take place along the pier. There is a monument to the founder of the city Peter I.
  5. The wooden lighthouse is located to the right of the pier, if you move towards the sea. It will not be possible to get close to it, but it can be photographed next to the warships.
  6. The first governor of the city was His Serene Highness Prince review of an architectural landmark with an inspection of rarities, and a study of the facts of the development of the city and the fleet.
  7. The Blue Bridge, and the Kronstadt footstock on one of its pillars, are important landmarks. It is the footstock level that determines the absolute height of the terrain for mapping the USSR, now Russia and other countries.

Also in Kronstadt there are many other attractions related to history and modern life. To complete the tour, you can visit the forts of Kotlin Island, if navigation conditions allow.

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